Pilates Workouts!

Pilates workout, do Pilates at home.

Try Pilates at home with these Pilates Workouts and classes, also for beginners. 15 min, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min. Full of healthy Pilates exercises, great for the lower back! Both Free Pilates exercises and for members available.

Pilates Exercises!

Pilates exercises, do Pilates exercises at home.

Create your own Pilates workout with all kinds of Pilates exercises. Pilates Ab exercises, Lower back exercises, back exercises neck & shoulders exercises, balance exercises, leg exercises and much more. All in the Pilates encyclopedia!

Pilates for beginners!

Learn Pilates, Pilates for beginners.

Learn Pilates with these Pilates exercises for beginners and Pilates workouts for beginners. It’s the absolute core. After this you can do any Pilates workout you want! Learning Pilates is great for your health, beneficial throughout your whole life.

About Pilates Workout at Home

Pilates exercises and workouts are very beneficial for your health. The great part is that you can do Pilates at home. It is especially known for it’s positive effect on the lower back. It also provides great stability and a proper way of building strength. The Pilates workouts and exercises will give you a great amount of control, balance and strength. Once or twice a week is already enough! On this website there are a lot of extra exercises focussing on loosening the joints and muscles. This works very well against neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain or or tight joints and muscles in general. If you don’t know where to start, i recommend doing the Pilates for beginners first and then move on to the Pilates Workouts. Meanwhile, take a look at 20 Basic Pilates Exercises,great for starting out with Pilates as well. But you can jump in anywhere you like! You can browse around, check out the free blog or become a member and get full acces to all video’s on this website.


Top 5 Pilates exercises for at home

Pilates Workout Youtube

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Check out all Pilates workouts on Youtube. Become a member to stay posted on all new free Youtube Pilates video’s. Many free Pilates exercises and workouts here on this website appear on Youtube.

Pilates Workout Youtube

Youtube Pilates Ab and leg Workout 21 min. Total ab workout and inside/upper front leg workout.

Pilates Workout Youtube

Youtube Pilates Workout total body. 15 min. Full body workout. Many Pilates exercises in nice combinations.

Pilates Workout Youtube

Youtube Pilates exercise serie workout. 11 Pilates exercises for strengthening a weak lower back.

More Pilates classes, workouts and exercises

  1. Pilates exercises encyclopedia. Handy overview of all Pilates exercises on this website. Great for creating your own Pilates workout.
    1. Ab exercises
    2. Back exercises.
    3. Neck and Shoulder exercises.
    4. General exercises.
  2. 20 Basic Pilates Exercises. Basic Variations of classic Pilates mat exercises. Great for beginners and a nice refreshment for experienced practicioners.
  3. Pilates Back exercise series. Almost all Pilates exercises are back exercises. These exercises, however, focus extra on training the back muscles in a Pilates manner.
  4. Pilates Neck and Shoulder Exercise Series. Great against neck tension. Loosening, stabilizing and strengthening. Pilates can do a lot for the neck and shoulders.
  5. Pilates Lower back Exercise series. Pilates exercises for the lower back are famous. Great against lower back pain or tension. Strengthen the abs and lower back muscles.
  6. Pilates Ab Exercise series. Pilates ab exercises are great for pelvic stability, core training and do wonders for the lower back.
  7. Pilates for the lower back. Pilates classes, workouts and routines that are specifically for people who suffer from lower back pain.