Terms and conditions agreement

This section is still under construction as this website just got launched. We start with the most important stuff.

Great that you want to become a member! If you become a member you will have to agree to these terms and conditions. If you object to these terms and conditions in any way, then do not become a member! You can always send me an email if something is not clear. Contact Martin at martinsworkoutathome@gmail.com for information and questions.

-By “this website” is meant: pilatesworkoutathome.com and embedded content of the Pilates workout at home youtube channel and facebook account. Other urls, servers and/or computers where content of Pilates workout at home appears do not fall under this agreement, unless stated otherwise by Pilates workout at home.

-Pilates workout at home consists of the company producing the content of this website (pilatesworkouathome.com), the teacher in the video’s and the author of the content of pilatesworkoutathome.com. What does not include Pilates workout at home, is the theme(s) of this website, the video hosting company, the back-end of this website, third party software, and the host of this website.

-By “the content” of this website is meant: the video’s, articles, posts, pages and all other material on this website which are accessible for members and/or non-members and which are produced by the author known as Martin Pilates, belonging to Pilates workout at home.

-By “you” is meant: the person and/or individual who signes up for an membership account at the website of Pilates workout home: pilatesworkoutathome.com.

1. Agreement between you and Pilates workout at home.
These terms and conditions here are an agreement between you and Pilates workout at home. By your act of signing up for a membership account at pilatesworkoutathome.com you agree to all the following terms and conditions described in this agreement document.

2. Participation is at own risk

Participating with the video’s, and/or following the tips and pointers in the articles and/or participating and/or following along with any and/or all content on this webiste, and/or even viewing the content on this website, is at own risk. This risk includes a risk to your psysical and mental condition and state of being and this risk includes a risk to your health. For example, you can get injured if you do exercises, routines, workouts, classes and/or other sorts of physical activity on this website. Another example is that you might not be fit enough for the kind of physical activity provided to you on and by this website. It’s also a possibility that certain prior psysical conditions emerge and/or appear with you by partaking in physical activity provided to you by Pilates woorkout at home. These emerging psysical conditions might be hazardous to you and/or dangerous for your health. High blood pressures is an example of such a condition. Another example is a prior (healed) injury. There are many other (health) conditions possible as well, known and unknown. Although the content of this website is aimed at keeping you healthy or making you healthier, this might not be the case for you. You should understand, that for several possible and even unknown reasons, participating with this content might hurt you or damage your health. You agree that you understand and acknowledge all risk(s) described in this point (point 2) and other points in this agreement that describe a general and/or specific risk to you and/or your health. You also agree in general that participation is at own risk.

3. Get yourself checked out at a doctor or psysician before you participate

Before you follow along and/or partipate with any content on this website you should make sure that you are fit enough to do so. It is expected of you by Pilates workout at home that you take full responsibility for your own psysical and mental conditions and capabilities and that you are making sure that you know you are fit enough to participate with any content on this website. You should also see a doctor or physician first (before following along and/or participating with any content on this website) to get a a psysical exam that proves that you are fit enough to participate with any material on this website.

4. Participation at own risk, even after health check

You agree that you understand that the health check, as described in point 3, does not mean that particpation with any and/or all content on this website is not at own risk. Participation, even after a health check, is still at own risk, as decribed in point 2.

5. Liability and accountability

Pilates workout at home is not liable for any claim(s) regarding health issues/problems/conditions or other issues/problems/conditions that you face due to your participation with, and/or viewing of, any content on this website. In particular, Pilates workout at home is not liable for any claims by you and/or others due to unwanted and/or negative effects on your psysicial and/or mental health and/or state of being by participating with, or viewing of, any content by you on this website. You agree that you will not hold Pilates workout at home liable and/or accountable (for your health, condition and state of being) in any way.