Pilates Workouts and Classes

The Pilates Workouts are a great way to get in shape fast. They range from 5 to 45 min and are full of many sorts of Pilates exercises. The whole body gets trained in a fun and fast flowing way. This will definitely give you an energy boost! If you want to take it a bit slower, then do a Pilates class. Another way get a good Pilates workout is through the Daily routines and the Pilates exercises serieslike 11 Pilates exercises for a weak lower back and 20 basic Pilates exercisesAlso check out Pilates for the lower back and Pilates for beginners. Lastly, you can use the Pilates exercises encyclopedia to create your own Pilates workout.

Pilates Workout 13 min 06 sec.

Pilates Workout

Total body workout. We start off with a powerfull warm-up mixed with some loosening exercises for the shoulders, back and chest. Then we move on to a lunge and balance serie before we hit the abs! Nice ab workout starts at 5 min. Also a lot of back exercises towards the end and of course some relaxations in between.

Pilates Workout 21 min 18 sec.

Pilates workout abs and legs

Pilates workout for the abs and legs.This is a ground workout. We start with a shoulderbridge for warm-up and move on to a workout for the abs and legs. Mainly the inside and front of the upper legs are targetted. This is all done with a stable pelvis, so it’s a great workout for pelvic stability as well. The abs get a heavy workout here! Lower abs, the waist and the “sixpack” are definitely trained after this 21 min session.

Pilates Class 48 min 32 sec.

Pilates Class

Pilates class. After a warm-up we do some squat variations and a slow and precise balance exercise. If you want to flow and move, this balance part might not be for you. After a couple of lunges we do classic Pilates groundwork exercises for abs, back and well, the whole body! Great serie there. And of course we loosen and relax the body.

Pilates Workout 22 min 09 sec.

Pilates Workout

Total body workout. Certainly some more unorthodox Pilates exercises here! Great if you’re looking for some variaton. The whole body get’s trained in many different ways. Very challenging balance exercise at 6 min. Fun to do. Some good focus on upper back strength at the end as well. Not an easy workout!

Pilates Class 41 min 46 sec.

Pilates Class

Pilates class. Extensive loosening-warm-up. A lot of turning with the arms in the beginning. Great for loosening the whole back as well. Then we move on to a precise squat and from there we go into classic groundwork-mode, great for core- and pelvic stability. The whole body get’s trained in a relaxed, slow and precise manner.

Pilates Workout 15 min 12 sec

Pilates Workout

Total body workout. Very dynamic workout. We start straight away with a very challenging balance exercise and from there on we just don’t stop anymore with flowing in Pilates mode. All kinds of stabilizing, strength- and flexibility exercises get mixed in a fun way. Well, see for yourself!

Pilates class for lower back pain 1h and 18 min.

Pilates class lower back

This is a Pilates class for lower back pain or for lower back pain prevention. We take it very easy and focus on minimal movements. It helps to loosen the lower back area and thereby reduces lower back tension and lower back pain. We also do very light exercises to strengthen the abdominals and the lower back muscles. This is a great class if you have too much tension in the muscles. Don’t do this class if you have a (lower back) injury.

Pilates Workout 42 min and 48 sec.

Pilates workout

This is a lengthy Pilates workout. We start off with a lovely intensive warm-up and in one flow we move to spine extensions and forward bends in Pilates style. Great for lengthening the spine! The shoulders get some well deserved attention too. After a couple of leg-stretches we move on to a nice exercise serie for the back and abs. Great workout, the whole body is trained! Nice flow.

Pilates Workout 16 min and 45 sec.

Pilates Workout

Total body workout. A relaxed warm-up for loosening the joints, some dynamic balance exercises and spine rolls, and bit of dynamic Pilates-Yoga for chest- and shoulderopening mixed in as well. A short squat and then we move on to push-ups, back exercises and light weight ab exercises. A bit of relaxation at the end.

More Pilates exercises and workouts

That’s it for the Pilates workouts on this page. You can also create your own Pilates workout by taking exercises from the Pilates exercises encyclopedia. They are grouped in ab exercises, back exercises, neck and shoulder exercises and general exercises. Amongst those exercises are the 20 basic Pilates exercises. Along with the Pilates for beginners, this is a great way to start doing Pilates. If you want to work on the lower back because of lower back pain or tension, then see the Pilates for the lower back page. You will find exercise series there like 11 Pilates exercises for a weak lower back. For Pilates exercises on topic, check out the Pilates exercise series. There are also free Pilates exercises and workouts to do for which you can sign up on those pages. Top 5 Pilates exercises for at home and 5 great Pilates workouts for at home are two examples.