Pilates Workout Abs and Legs

Pilates Workout Youtube

This is a great Pilates workout for if you want to train the abs, the legs, or if you’re looking for pelvic stability exercises. The whole of the abs get quite a workout here. There are Pilates exercises for the lower abs, the ‘sixpack’, the transverse abdominals and the obliques. So it’s great for training a strong and slim waist. For the legs; the inside of the legs and the front of the upper legs are the main targets in the Pilates exercises. The combination of leg and ab exercises is well known in Pilates. Ik makes up for a strong pelvic region and a firm connection between the upper boddy and legs. It works great for preventing lower back pain and it provides a lot of balance, stability and strength for the core of the body. This workout is suitable for beginners and advanced practicioners. We start off slowly and then progress towards heavier exercises at the end of the video. Have fun!

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