Daily Pilates Routines

The Pilates Routines are great for everyday practice. Just like a Pilates workout there are many sorts of Pilates exercises that are done in the routines, only much more controlled, precise and repetitive. On the specific routine page you will find the fast flow and the full video. The fast flow video is for when you’ve got the routine down. In the full video the routine is explained in detail. Also check out the Pilates exercise serieslike 11 Pilates exercises for a weak lower back and 20 basic Pilates exercises. Also see the Pilates for beginners. Lastly, you can use the Pilates exercises encyclopedia to create your own Pilates workout, or go to one of the Pilates workouts.

Shoulder Routine for stability and flexibility 5 min

sh routine 1 - kopie

This shoulder routine is great for everyday. it’s a light weight routine, meaning we don’t work with pressure or big stretches. The spine and chest are moved as well during the routine, therefore creating active support for the shoulders. The shoulders can rest on the chest again. Lovely routine!

Lower back (mild pain and strength) routine 16 min

Pilates routine lower back 16 min

This is a Pilates routine for mild lower back pain, for lower back pain prevention and for strengthening the lower back. It’s focussed on strengthening the abs, softening the spine and loosening the joints and muscles that affect the lower back. From different angles we target the lower back area. We strengthen the legs, look out for posture, use ab and pelvic stabilization and work with small movements for loosening. This routine can be done everyday and is only 5 min in it’s most basic form (1 round). Don’t do this class if you have a (lower back) injury.

More Pilates exercises and workouts

That’s it for the Pilates workouts on this page. You can also create your own Pilates workout by taking exercises from the Pilates exercises encyclopedia. They are grouped in ab exercises, back exercises, neck and shoulder exercises and general exercises. Amongst those exercises are the 20 basic Pilates exercises. Along with the Pilates for beginners, this is a great way to start doing Pilates. If you want to work on the lower back because of lower back pain or tension, then see the Pilates for the lower back page. You will find exercise series there like 11 Pilates exercises for a weak lower back. For Pilates exercises on topic, check out the Pilates exercise series. There are also free Pilates exercises and workouts to do for which you can sign up on those pages. Top 5 Pilates exercises for at home and 5 great Pilates workouts for at home are two examples. And of course there are a lot of great Pilates workouts to do.