6 Pilates back exercises for beginners

1. Back extension lift

back exercise 1

This back exercise works for the entire back and triggers a healty posture. It also creates neck and head support from the upper back. Definitely an exercise for beginners!

2. Upper back and shoulders

Back exercise 2

This exercise targets the whole back and the upper back and back of the shoulders in particular. It’s needs a bit of adjustment to find the right spot between the shoulderblades. Try to pull back the shoulders for this upper back muscle training.

3. Moving sfinx lower back

Back exercise 4

Great exercise for the lower back lateral muscles. Try to keep the hips and pelvis as stable as possible. You will move, holding still is impossible! This back exercise is targeting the lower back on the sides. It’s also a great posture exercise because your body will learn to use the abs while bending back.

4. Free fall

back exercise 5

The free fall exercise, or the ‘Parachute’ is not a Pilates exercise! However, it feels great and abdominal support is not needed as long as the legs are spread out wide. Training the back muscles like this creats back muscle tension and can be, in the long run, create neck or back tension and problems. But once in a while, it’s a fun exercise!

5. Upper back elbow lift

back exercise 7

This might look like nothing is happening! However, the elbows are hovering above the mat here! This strange looking exercise targets the upper back and is great for training upper back support for the head and neck. Upper back exercise are usually difficult for beginners!

6. Pilates lower back push up

back exercise 8

When pushing up, one should always have a straight back. In this exercise we deviate from this general rule. What we need to do here, is push the tailbone back (not up). If you do this correctly, you should feel abdominal support. Watch out for lower back pain. A challenge for beginners!

Alright, that’s it for this 6 back exercises for beginners. Well done!