6 Pilates ab exercises for beginners

These 6 Pilates abĀ exercises are part of the Pilates for beginners program. Also check out the 6 Pilates upper back exercises for beginners and 6 Pilates back exercises for beginners. Have fun!

6 Pilates ab exercises for beginners single exercises

1. Single straight leg stretch

Ab exercise 3

Heavy exercise! You are really working the abs here and hitting the Pilates sweetspot: the transverse abdimonal muscle(s). When you straighthen your legs as much as possible, you will feel a burn in the waist, this is what you need. Just above the plevis on both sides!

2. Stable leg stretch

Ab exercise 4

This is the stable litle brother of the single leg stretch. It works on pelvic stability. You have to make sure you don’t bring back your knee to much. That’s the whole point of this exercise. Its’s also nice to work with a neutral spine and to lay the head on the mat while working the abs.

3. Lower leg cross

Ab exercise 5

This might not seem much at first, but as you try to hold still both the upper legs and the pelvis, you will feel it! Nice pelvic stability exercise which also very much focusses on ab/hip muscle activity. Don’t shake your knees too much, that might hurt them.

4. Reaching

Ab exercise 5

Great exercise for all of the abs. We are trying to aim for a upper body turn-movement here with a stable pelvis. The twist works the lower ab, obliques, tranverse abs while the reaching works the main abs (sixpack-area). Lovely exercise for a total ab workout!

5. Crossing legs

Ab exercise 7

The crossing legs is advanced territory for Pilates ab exercises. t’s hard to just move the arms and legs while you hold still the upper body and head. If you are able to do it, everything will fire! The ab abs are working, the pelvis and hips are working and the legs start burning as well.

6. Inverted hundred

Ab exercise 8

The inverted hundred is also advanced territory. You have to know how to stabilize your head from the abs/upper body. If you use the neck muscles, then this is a horrible excercise. The challenge is to use the abs, then it’s quite fun!

Alright, that’s it for this 6 ab exercises. Great job!