Neck and Shoulder Exercise Series

Here you can do all kinds of exercises for the neck and shoulders. There are loosening exercises, strengthening exercises, relaxation exercises and stretches. Other series are the ab exercises seriesback exercise series, lower back exercise series and neck and shoulder exercise series, or check the Pilates exercise series overview. Don’t do these exercises if you have a (neck) injury. Also check out the Pilates workouts, Daily routines, Pilates for beginners and Pilates for the lower back. If you want to browse and do single exercises, then see the Pilates Exercises encyclopedia with the ab exercises, back exercises, neck and shoulder exercises and general exercises.

8 neck and shoulder loosening exercises

The neck and shoulders are very vulnerable for tension. This exercise serie helps to reduce neck and shoulder tension. Don’t do this when you have a neck or shoulder injury. Also make sure you check with a physician first that you’re fit enough to do these exercises. These exercises work on loosening the shoulder joints and lengthening the neck and shoulder muscles. If you have to loose joint already, then don’t do this serie. Then you would be better of doing stability and relaxation exercises for the neck and shoulders. The loosening exercises are done with an eye on good posture. This means that while you loosen the neck and shoulders, you also train a good support for the neck and shoulders. The chest and spine are brought in for support. This will have a great prevention effect as well.