Lower back exercise series

Here you can find all Pilates exercise series for the lower back on this website. There is a difference in strengthening the lower back or doing exercises for lower back pain. Check in the description which one is being targetted. Also take a look at the Pilates for the lower back page on this website. There you will find special classes, workouts and routines for the lower back as well. This page is just for the exercises alone. Also check out the ab exercisesback exercises and neck and shoulder exercises, or check the Pilates exercises overview. Don’t do these exercises if you have a (lower back) injury.

11 exercises for a weak lower back

In this serie for the lower back we use four kinds of exercises to regain a strong lower back. We loosen, strengthen, relax and stabilize the lower back and pelvic area. We will try to find the right posture for the whole back and search for abdominal support. Training both the back muscles and the abs is vital in gaining lower back strength. Don’t do this serie when you have a lower back injury.