Back Exercise Series

In a way, all Pilates exercises are back exercises. This is because the posture and pose in a exercise are of crucial importance. So even when you’re training the shoulders, how you alingn the spine and pelvis is important. On this page however you will find back exercises that specifically target the back in different ways. You can train the back muscles, do flexibility and mobility exercises for the spine or loosen the lower back area. There is a special page for lower back exercise series and even for training the lower back in general. For more series see the neck and shoulder exercise series and ab exercise series, or check the Pilates exercise series overview. Also check out the Pilates workouts, Daily routines, and Pilates for beginners . For to browse single exercises, see the Pilates Exercises encyclopedia with the ab exercises, back exercises, neck and shoulder exercises and general exercises. Don’t do these exercises if you have a (back) injury.

8 back exercises for a strong back

8 back exercises

Train all of the back muscles for are strong back. In these pilates exercises we focus on abdominal support and stability of the core while training the back muscles. In 7 of 8 exercises this principles is being used. The other one is just a nice exercise and not really Pilates. Bit outside the box there…. This serie is not suitable for lower back pain or other issues with the back and neck in general. Definitely a great serie for if you want to have stronger back muscles in Pilates style.

11 exercises for a weak lower back

In this serie for the lower back we use four kinds of exercises to regain a strong lower back. We loosen, strengthen, relax and stabilize the lower back and pelvic area. We will try to find the right posture for the whole back and search for abdominal support. Training both the back muscles and the abs is vital in gaining lower back strength. Don’t do this serie when you have a lower back injury.

6 Upper back exercises for strengthening the upper back

Training the upper back can be great for posture. It will contribute to supporting the head, neck and shoulders. Usually the shoullder hand a bit to much to the front, dus to “everyday posture”. Doing strengthening and stabilizing exercises for the upper back, can help to restore a natural posture. It’s also just a nice feeling to target the upper back muscles. So, great serie to do!